About Us

Gowthxo is a new-age, multi-specialist and full service modern brand management firm that provides integrated business solutions targeted to unlock the brands potential in the era of digitalisation. We have an impeccable track-record of delivering successful strategic narratives to our clients and have moved the reputation needle for a diverse range of clients globally.

Our approach is based in demystifying complex and challenging communication & creative briefs into insightful and impactful simple campaigns and strategies that communicates with the brands target audience.

We follow an integrated communications approach that initiates with market understanding and moves onto strategic narrative creation, campaign building, content curation, go-to-market strategy and measurable business results.

At Growthxo, we thrive on building deep, long-lasting relationships with clients and our employees. This is why we say, we are ‘people’s first’ organisation.

What makes us different?

With roots in India, our company started off in 2017 offering digital media solutions for brands to build their portfolios and grow them in the desired target markets. Unlike others, being an Indian company, 70% of our client portfolio was of brands in US, UK & UAE. We explored this side of the business before exploring our own country. That is what makes Growthxo different.

Our mission is to showcase and simplify how digital solutions can unlock the potential of brands for a large target audience beginning from 8years of age, thereby becoming the Most Trusted Brand Management Company.

We believe that this goal can be achieved if we work upon our core brand ideology – Culture Strong. Growthxo is a people’s first agency that strongly focusses on nurturing brands and fostering clients for life by understanding the cultural impact each region holds. This gives us an edge above others.

We focus on four pillars to ensure successful business outcomes – Culture, Knowledge, Dedication and Honesty.

  • Culture Being a company rooted in India, culture defines everything for us. We have a team of diverse professionals who understands and thoughtfully curate brand solutions that align with the culture of the companies and its stakeholders.

  • Knowledge A quote from Bhagavad Gita says, “The immature think that knowledge and action are different, but the wise see them as the same.” This defines us

  • Dedication We believe that in the service industry like us, what drives the momentum of being the doer is, dedication. This is what drives how we retain and grow our client base who share similar culture and ambition.

  • Honesty To build long-term sustainability, a company must have values, honesty tops all of them. We have ingrained this philosophy in each and every employee and partner network at Growthxo and it has given our clients nothing short of a magical experience.